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Imagine a landed cruise in a safe setting with a wide range of facilities and activities for retirees to maintain an active lifestyle without worrying about home maintenance, housekeeping, laundry or daily meal options. Residents can also mingle with peers and participate in organised activities together in a beautifully designed clubhouse. Active retirees can also enjoy facilities like the salt water pool, gym and in-house physio centre, and we also provide a parking lot for those with a car and want to move around freely.  Services are hospitality-driven.

Retirement living or Independent living is a lifestyle product for active seniors who are still physically fit. It is not a product that can be offered by a medically-focused team nor in a nursing home catering to ill patients.

Retirement and Independent living is for those who want a community of active seniors who keep themselves occupied with programs and activities, enjoying a maintenance-free lifestyle instead of upkeeping a home or having to manage blue-collared staff and crew.

The focus is on Quality of Life, such focus can only be provided by a team instead of one helper at home which cannot offer the community interaction necessary for well-rounded senior-living. In our case, the team consist of chefs, F&B personnel, activity & program coordinators, concierge personnel, maintenance cew, customer care, housekeeping, security & more.

The ReU Living Retirement Village is also strategically located nearby walking distance (less than 8 minutes) to the following; a mall (The LINC – with a BIG grocery and over 13 F&B outlets) and 2 other cafes just 500m away. We also have a dentist and clinic just across the road from us. We are the only provider which offers both an Independent Retirement living block next to our Assisted Living block.

When one progresses to require more assistance, Quality of Care is available in our Assisted-living block, connected to the Independent-living block next door. It might be a temporary arrangement after a surgery or on days where you are not feeling so well. Once you’re recovered, you can move back to your unit again. Rest assured, you have a whole care team to support you and help is available just next door. That is peace of mind.

Retain your independence, yet have access to care when you need it the most.

RATES From RM6,800/month room alone

Note : Retirement living is in a Studio Unit with kitchenette in Block A without the nursing care and Clubhouse access for meals (Block B rates at RM15,000/month for assisted living).

Prices include the following

  1. Private Studio unit (pool-facing) with kitchenette
  2. Housekeeping Service (twice a week + daily wipe-down)
  3. Gym and salt-water pool facilities
  4. Car park (one lot)

Add On Services:

  1. Clubhouse access
  2. Physiotherapy services in our integrated physiotherapy centre
  3. Medical chaperone
  4. Haircut, Pedi & Medi, Facial, Grooming
  5. Catered Meals
  6. Concierge services for ordering of items

Please call us to arrange a tour of the village to get a better understanding of your needs and for you to meet the team.

Get in touch to learn more about it.

Micasa All Suites Hotel, 368B, Jln Tun Razak, Taman U Thant, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

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